Huracan Hammer (P)

A Hammer of raging fire containing the unruly spirit of Rathalos.


Attack: 884
TATP: 204
Element: 520

Affinity: 0%
Slots: OO
Rarity: 6


Price: 51,400z

Improve from Red Bludgeon+

RathalosCarapace x5
Inferno Sac x3
Rathalos Ruby x1

Create from Plume Flint

Path: Plume Flint > Peco Flint > Huracan Hammer (P)
RathalosCarapace x5
Inferno Sac x5
Rathalos Ruby x1
Rathalos Scale+ x5
Rathian Plate x2
Rathalos Shell x8
Rath Marrow x2
Firestone x3
Vivid Feather x2
Flintstone x4
Flame Sac x1
Qurupeco Feather x3
Monster Bone M x5