Ludroth Bone Maul

A Hammer covered in Ludroth skin. The bone construction makes it light and sturdy.


Attack: 572
TATP: 116
Element: 100 (requires Awaken)

Affinity: 0%
Slots: none
Rarity: 1


Price: 4,230z


Monster Bone L x2
Immature Sponge x10
R.Ludroth Scale x3

Improve from Ludroth Bone Mace

Monster Bone M x4
Immature Sponge x5
King's Frill x2

Create from Bone Hammer

Path: Bone Hammer > Ludroth Bone Mace > Ludroth Bone Maul
Monster Bone M x4
Immature Sponge x7
King's Frill x2
Hydro Hide x3
Gluehopper x3
Monster Bone S x5
Mystery Bone x2
Bone x2

Upgrades Into

Ludroth Splashhammer
Carapace Hammer