Mutilator Blade

The best blade of its class. Its slashes are as deadly as those of a dragon.


Attack: 912
TATP: 234
Element: 300 (requires Awaken)

Affinity: 10%
Defense: +20
Slots: OO
Rarity: 5


Price: 49,000z

Improve from Lacerator Blade

Gracium x5
Carbalite Ore x20
Barioth Claw+ x2

Create from Iron Sword

Path: Iron Sword > Buster Sword > Lacerator Blade > Mutilator Blade
Gracium x5
Carbalite Ore x45
Barioth Claw+ x2
Bathycite Ore x10
Barroth Ridge+ x3
Dragonite Ore x25
Pelagicite Ore x18
Machalite Ore x27
Barioth Tail x1
Isisium x6
Earth Crystal x18
Iron Ore x31