The Death of Sky and Sea

I trust that an experienced hunter such as yourself is acquainted with the drakes of sea and sky, Lagiacrus and Rathalos. We wish one of each beast hunted. Consider well the risks before accepting.Hunt a Lagiacrus and a Rathalos

Client: Imperial Envoy
Contract: 900z
Reward: 9,000z
Time limit: 50 mins
Location: D. Island


In the red corner... Lagiacrus

Size: 100% (±9%)
HP: 3870
Defense: 90%
Stagger limits: 100%

In the blue corner... Rathalos

Size: 100% (±9%)
HP: 4050
Defense: 90%
Stagger limits: 100%

Main Rewards

Secondary Rewards

Bone Husk L x16 25%
Mystery Charm x1 24%
Bone Husk S x28 20%
Shining Charm x1 18%
Rustshard x1 8%
Armor Stone x1 5%