The Creeping Venom

Look, I ain't no green trainee. I've been around! But I ain't never seen nothin' like THAT. I enter this cave and a second later this... this THING is covering me. I'm getting too old for this!Hunt a Gigginox

Client: Cocky Hunter
Contract: 300z
Reward: 3,400z
Time limit: 50 mins
Location: Tundra


In the red corner... Gigginox

Size: 100% (±7%)
HP: 2025 / 2160 / 2250 / 2475 / 2700
Defense: 100%
Stagger limits: 100%

Main Rewards

Flabby Hide x1 30%
Poison Sac x1 26%
Pale Extract x1 20%
Monster Bone L x2 14%
Uncanny Hide x1 10%

Secondary Rewards

Subquest A

Slay 10 Giggi
Reward: 500z


Subquest B

Destroy 5 Gigginox Eggs
Reward: 500z