Rathian Team Takedown

Now, the opponent you've been waiting for: the lady flame dragon Rathian! Look out -- this gal doesn't know the meaning of mercy! Can teamwork topple this "Queen of the Land"? Anything's possible!Hunt a Rathian

Client: Announcer/Receptionist
Contract: 0z
Reward: 1,000z
Time limit: 50 mins
Location: Land Arena


In the red corner... Rathian

Size: 100%
Defense: 0%
Stagger limits: 0%

Main Rewards

Rathian Coin x1 30%
Voucher x1 20%
Steel Egg x1 20%
Armor Sphere x1 15%
Armor Sphere+ x1 8%
Rathian Coin x2 7%