A Burnt Offering

The mountain weeps tears of flame. The earth trembles. But sacrifice to the fire gods cannot be the answer -- no matter what the elders say! Please, stop the dragons before I become an offering!Hunt an Uragaan and an Agnaktor

Client: Fire Country Princess
Contract: 1,100z
Reward: 11,600z
Time limit: 50 mins
Location: Volcano


In the red corner... Uragaan

Size: 100% (±9%)
HP: 3375
Defense: 90%
Stagger limits: 100%

In the blue corner... Agnaktor

Size: 100% (±9%)
HP: 3750
Defense: 90%
Stagger limits: 100%

Main Rewards

Secondary Rewards

Bone Husk L x16 25%
Mystery Charm x1 24%
Bone Husk S x28 20%
Shining Charm x1 18%
Rustshard x1 8%
Armor Stone x1 5%