The Merchant's Mission

Gah! Again my cargo is kaput. What use is guard if he no guard nothing? Always, I hire guard! Always, I hear same story: monster too strong! But not immortal, yes? So, you kill him? I reward.Hunt a Rathian

Client: Simple Fur Trader
Contract: 500z
Reward: 5,200z
HRP: 740
Time limit: 50 mins
Location: FloodedFor
Requirement: HR 9+


In the red corner... Rathian

Size: 100% (±3%)
HP: 5175 / 5265 / 5400 / 5490 / 5625
Defense: 95%
Stagger limits: 150%

Main Rewards

Secondary Rewards

Flashbug x1 24%
Adamant Seed x2 20%
Waterblock Seed x1 18%
Firefly x2 14%
Armor Sphere x1 12%
Killer Beetle x1 8%
Mystery Charm x1 4%

Subquest A

Break Rathian's Wings
Reward: 800z
HRP: 80


Subquest B

Deliver a Wyvern Tear
Reward: 1,200z
HRP: 40