The Jaggi Menace

Jeepers! The Jaggi are wreaking havoc on our crops this year! At this rate, we won't have enough food for winter... The Jaggi must have a big warren nearby. Do something before we starve!Slay 8 Jaggia

Client: Female Farmer
Contract: 150z
Reward: 1,600z
HRP: 100
Time limit: 50 mins
Location: D. Island

Main Rewards

Secondary Rewards

Paintberry x2 24%
Herb x2 20%
Honey x1 14%
Blue Mushroom x1 14%
Firedouse Berry x2 10%
Ivy x1 10%
Armor Sphere x1 8%

Subquest A

Slay 12 Jaggi
Reward: 1,200z
HRP: 80