Shut Up and Fish!

Anyone can hunt some dumb monster. Only a true sportsman can hunt AND fish! Yee-haw! Show me what you're really made of by fishing a Gobul! You better clear the Subquests while you're at it, too!

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Hunt a Gobul, deliver 4 Goldenfish and fish out Gobul once.

Client: Trade City Fish Fanboy
Contract: 550z
Reward: 5,600z
HRP: ????
Time limit: 25 mins
Location: FloodedFor
Requirement: HR 9+


In the red corner... Gobul

Size: ???%
HP: ?????
Defense: ??%
Stagger limits: ???%


Jumbo Pearl x? ??%
Black Pearl x? ??%
Broken Shell x? ??%
Bomb Arowana x? ??%
Burst Arowana x? ??%
Scatterfish x? ??%