Mercy Mission

The recent quakes have left us high and dry, and my people are wasting away! Please, replenish our supplies! Be forwarned: You must complete the main Quest and both Subquests to succeed...

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Deliver 10 Monster Guts, 12 Red Coral Stone and 3 Goldenfish

Client: Deserted Island Chief
Contract: 150z
Reward: 1,500z
HRP: 70
Time limit: 15 mins
Location: D. Island


In the red corner... Royal Ludroth

Size: ???%
HP: ?????
Defense: ??%
Stagger limits: ???%


Mystery Charm x? ??%
Small Goldenfish x? ??%
Honey x? ??%
Armor Sphere x? ??%
Steel Egg x? ??%
Shining Charm x? ??%
Armor Sphere+ x? ??%