Jump a Jaggi

I was patrolling the road to the next village when I came under heavy monster attack. The perpetrator was a large male Jaggi. That thing is way beyond my pay grade, so I'm requesting hunter back-up.Hunt a Great Jaggi

Client: Head Village Guard
Contract: 300z
Reward: 3,000z
HRP: 320
Time limit: 50 mins
Location: D. Island
Requirement: HR 31+
Random spawn position


In the red corner... Great Jaggi

Size: 100% (±10%)
HP: 2960 / 3040 / 3120 / 3180 / 3260
Defense: 80%
Stagger limits: 210%

Main Rewards

Secondary Rewards

Monster Bone S x2 30%
Bone Husk S x16 22%
Bone x4 20%
Mystery Bone x5 15%
Mystery Charm x1 8%
Shining Charm x1 5%

Subquest A

Slay 6 Jaggia
Reward: 2,400z
HRP: 130


Subquest B

Slay 10 Jaggi
Reward: 1,800z
HRP: 110