Grudge Match: Royal Ludroth

Ahoy, adrenaline junkies! Next up is the regally maned Royal Ludroth! Will the pressure of facing this sea dragon on its home surf with a strict time limit leave the hunters all washed up?

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Hunt a Royal Ludroth

Client: Announcer/Receptionist
Contract: 0z
Reward: 1,000z
Time limit: 50 mins
Location: WaterArena


In the red corner... Royal Ludroth

Size: 100%
HP: 3990 / 4104 / 4180 / 4256 / 4370
Defense: 95%
Stagger limits: 150%

Main Rewards

R.Ludroth Coin x1 24%
Armor Sphere x1 24%
Steel Egg x1 18%
Pinnacle Coin x1 16%
Voucher x1 10%
R.Ludroth Coin x2 8%