Gigginox RX

So I says to the Medicine Man, "Doc, what'ya needs to make Antidotes?" And he says to me, "Poison". Poison is its own cure? Who knew! So go gets me a monster with really strong poison, and I needs him whole!Capture a Gigginox

Client: Researcher of Medicine
Contract: 900z
Reward: 12,500z
HRP: 980
Time limit: 50 mins
Location: Tundra
Requirement: HR 40+
Random spawn position


In the red corner... Gigginox

Size: 100% (±11%)
HP: 7335 / 7515 / 7695
Defense: 75%
Stagger limits: 220%

Main Rewards

Secondary Rewards

Subquest A

Break Gigginox's Head & Belly
Reward: 1,400z
HRP: 100


Subquest B

Stun Gigginox
Reward: 1,400z
HRP: 100