Bug Hunt

I'm considering writing a book about Altaroth in this area. Surely, even illiterate brutes like you hunters have noticed the large size and peculiar traits of these insects. Come, assist in my research!Slay 15 Altaroth

Client: Brainy Biologist
Contract: 100z
Reward: 1,200z
HRP: 70
Time limit: 50 mins
Location: D. Island
Requirement: HR 9+

Main Rewards

Secondary Rewards

Paintberry x2 24%
Herb x2 20%
Honey x1 14%
Blue Mushroom x1 14%
Firedouse Berry x2 10%
Ivy x1 10%
Armor Sphere x1 8%

Subquest A

Deliver 4 Ripened Mushrooms
Reward: 1,100z
HRP: 60


Subquest B

Deliver 2 Choice Mushrooms
Reward: 1,100z
HRP: 40