Blood Sport

Oh, boo! I'm tired of watching run-of-the-mill hunts. The Diablos and the Uragaan are supposed to be the ultimate monster duo. I'd love to watch them maim some foolish hunter! Do put on a good show...

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Hunt a Diablos and an Uragaan

Client: Spoiled Princess
Contract: 1,750z
Reward: 17,600z
HRP: 1,760
Time limit: 50 mins
Location: Land Arena
Requirement: HR 18+


In the red corner... Diablos

Size: 100% (±9%)
HP: 4000
Defense: 95%
Stagger limits: 150%

In the blue corner... Uragaan

Size: 100% (±9%)
HP: 3600
Defense: 95%
Stagger limits: 150%

Main Rewards

Secondary Rewards