Agnaktor Alert

[REPORT BEGINS] Agnaktor spotted. [STOP] Heavy impact on volcanic activity expected. [STOP] Casualties to nearby city would result. [STOP] Requesting a hunter to slay the beast, ASAP. [REPORT ENDS]Capture an Agnaktor

Client: Guild Observation Post
Contract: 1,350z
Reward: 17,800z
HRP: 1,260
Time limit: 50 mins
Location: Volcano
Requirement: HR 40+
Random spawn position


In the red corner... Agnaktor

Size: 100% (±10%)
HP: 8150 / 8350 / 8550
Defense: 75%
Stagger limits: 220%

Main Rewards

Secondary Rewards

Subquest A

Break Agnaktor's Back
Reward: 1,800z
HRP: 140


Subquest B

Sever Agnaktor's Tail
Reward: 1,800z
HRP: 140