A Sea of Dragons

A boat sailing in the Flooded Forest has been attacked by a huge sea dragon! And that's not the worst of it: the beast was reportedly accompanied by a second massive monster... They must be taken out, ASAP!Hunt a Lagiacrus and a Gobul

Client: City Guild Representative
Contract: 1,950z
Reward: 19,800z
HRP: 2,020
Time limit: 50 mins
Location: FloodedFor
Requirement: HR 51+
Random spawn position


In the red corner... Lagiacrus

Size: 100% (±10%)
HP: 6880
Defense: 75%
Stagger limits: 220%

In the blue corner... Gobul

Size: 100% (±10%)
HP: 6400
Defense: 75%
Stagger limits: 220%

Main Rewards

Secondary Rewards