Jhen Mohran

Rare ore can be mined from these enormous dragons' backs; thus they are considered prosperity symbols. They swallow vast amounts of organic material and are always surrounded by scavenging Delex, which sailors use to locate them.Type: EldDrg
Base HP: 27750

Stars in


★★★The Festival of Fear
EventsThe Festival of Fear
EventsRumble in the Great Desert


Hitzone Cut Ipct Gun Fire Watr Ice Thdr Drgn Stagger
Tusk0.180.180.1800. HP
Body0. HP
Stomach0.330.330.25000.1500.152000 HP
Mouth Int0.90.80.500. HP
Mouth Ext0.330.330.25000.1500.151800 HP
Chin0.60.550.3800. HP
Arm0.330.330.25000.1500.151500 HP
Back (1)0.680.780.4800. HP
Back (2)0.680.780.4800. HP


LocationLow RankHigh Rank
8 carves
Mohran Shell 52%
Mohran Scale 31%
Sturdy Fang 15%
Earth Dragongem 2%
Mohran Carapace 40%
Mohran Scale+ 31%
Mohran Scale 15%
Sturdy Fang+ 10%
Earth Dragongem 4%
2 carves
Big Fin 47%
Mohran Scale 32%
Monster Guts 20%
Earth Dragongem 1%
Quality Fin 45%
Mohran Scale+ 24%
Monster Guts 20%
Mohran Scale 10%
Earth Dragongem 1%


LocationLow RankHigh Rank
Tusks Sturdy Fang 75%
Mohran Scale 25%
Sturdy Fang+ 58%
Sturdy Fang 34%
Mohran Scale 8%
Spine Cracks Mohran Shell 58%
Mohran Scale 26%
Pelagicite Ore 16%
Mohran Shell 38%
Mohran Carapace 28%
Mohran Scale 20%
Bathycite Ore 14%
Arms Mohran Brace 15%
Mohran Scale 20%
Mohran Brace+ 65%
Mohran Scale 20%
Mohran Brace 15%