The dreaded, nomadic Deviljho have no specific territory of their own. Their muscles swell if provoked, revealing old wounds. Needing to feed constantly due to high body heat, they can hunt nearby animals to extinction.Type: BrtWyv
Base HP: 12078

Stars in


★★★★[Advanced] The Jaggia Menace
★★★★★★Deep-six a Deviljho
★★★★★★Bedevil a Deviljho
★★★★★★Into the Fire
EventsSpeak of the Deviljho
ArenaGrudge Match: Land Lords
EventsWorld Eater
EventsRage Match



Hitzone Cut Ipct Gun Fire Watr Ice Thdr Drgn Stagger
Head0. HP
Stomach0.50.450.450. HP
Neck0.250.20.250000.050200 HP
Back0.250.20.250000.050200 HP
Arm0. HP
Tail0.30.350.40000.050200 HP
Foot0.350. HP

More Angry

Hitzone Cut Ipct Gun Fire Watr Ice Thdr Drgn Stagger
Head0.40.450. HP
Stomach0.80.80.750. HP
Neck0.210.150.20000.050.05200 HP
Back0.210.150.20000.050.05200 HP
Arm0. HP
Tail0.30.350.350000.050.05200 HP
Foot0. HP

Status Effects

Poison Paralysis Sleep StunExhaust
Damage5 + 50 HP--------
Tolerance180 - 980 (+200)180 - 980 (+200)180 - 980 (+200)180 - 780 (+150)180 - 780 (+150)
Recovery10 / 10s10 / 10s10 / 10s5 / 10s5 / 10s


LocationLow RankHigh Rank
4 carves
-- Deviljho Scale 39%
Deviljho Hide 28%
Deviljho Talon 20%
Deviljho Fang 11%
Deviljho Gem 2%
2 carves
-- Deviljho Tail 59%
Deviljho Scale 39%
Deviljho Gem 2%


LocationLow RankHigh Rank
Head-- Deviljho Fang 65%
Deviljho Scalp 35%

Shiny Drop

To obtain: Something
Low RankHigh Rank
-- Wyvern Tear 65%
Deviljho Talon 34%
Deviljho Gem 1%

Capture Rewards

Below 20% health
Low RankHigh Rank
-- Deviljho Scalp 40%
Deviljho Talon 30%
Deviljho Hide 26%
Deviljho Gem 4%