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 Machalite Ore

An ore harder than iron, but also several times more difficult to forge with. ID: 101 (0x0065)
Rarity: 5

Mine using pick axes from

Area 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 in D.Island
Area 4, 6, 11 in Sandy Plains
Area 3, 5, 6, 8, 10 in Flooded Forest
Area 4, 5 in Tundra
Area 5, 9, 10 in Volcano


Combine with Bone to make Mega Pickaxe
Combine with Armor Stone to make Armor Sphere

Quest Rewards

Heat ExhaustionVillage ★★★★★Main18% x2
Heat ExhaustionVillage ★★★★★Sub A18% x2
Powder BurnsCity ★★★Main18% x2
Powder BurnsCity ★★★Sub A18% x2
Sunken TreasuresVillage ★Main20% x1
Secret of the Crystal BonesVillage ★★Main20% x1
Rhenoplos Rampage!Village ★★★Sub A20% x1
Secret of the Crystal BonesCity ★Main20% x1
Sunken TreasuresCity ★Main20% x1
Cold StonesVillage ★★★★Main15% x1
Blood From a StoneCity ★★Main15% x1

Used for

Upgrading to Buster Sword2
Upgrading to Buster Sword+5
Upgrading to Ravager Blade20
Creating Rugged Great Sword6
Upgrading to Rugged Great Sword3
Creating Assassin's Dagger6
Upgrading to Assassin's Dagger5
Upgrading to Commander's Dagger5
Upgrading to War Hammer3
Upgrading to War Hammer+8
Creating War Mace15
Upgrading to War Mace15
Upgrading to Thane Lance2
Upgrading to Knight Lance7
Upgrading to Rampart15
Upgrading to Bone Axe+15
Creating Ananta Boneblade10
Creating Alloy Helm3
Creating Alloy Cap3
Creating Jaggi Helm1
Creating Jaggi Cap1
Creating Ingot Helm5
Creating Ingot Cap5
Creating Chainmail Helm+5
Creating Chainmail Cap+5
Creating Alloy Mail3
Creating Alloy Vest3
Creating Chainmail Armor+5
Creating Chainmail Vest+5
Creating Alloy Mail+7
Creating Alloy Vest+7
Creating Alloy Vambraces2
Creating Alloy Guards2
Creating Jaggi Vambraces3
Creating Jaggi Guards3
Creating Ingot Vambraces5
Creating Ingot Guards5
Creating Hunter's Vambraces+5
Creating Hunter's Guards+5
Creating Alloy Vambraces+7
Creating Alloy Guards+7
Creating Jaggi Vambraces+8
Creating Jaggi Guards+8
Creating Alloy Coil2
Creating Alloy Coat2
Creating Steel Coil+20
Creating Alloy Greaves6
Creating Alloy Leggings6
Creating Ingot Greaves5
Creating Ingot Leggings5
Creating Heavy Bowgun1
Creating Tropeco Gun4
Creating Heavy Bowgun2
Creating Barrozooka4
Creating Heavy Bowgun2
Creating Royal Launcher2
Creating Tropeco Gun1
Creating Expert Jewel1