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 Earth Crystal

Crystallized microbes which are prized as an abrasive when forging weapons. ID: 100 (0x0064)
Rarity: 4

Mine using pick axes from

Area 1, 4, 7, 8, 10 in D.Island
Area 4, 6, 11 in Sandy Plains
Area 1, 3, 6, 8, 10 in Flooded Forest
Area 4, 5, 6, 7 in Tundra
Area 3, 5, 9 in Volcano


Combine with Bitterbug to make Antiseptic Stone

Quest Rewards

Roll the UroktorCity ★★★★★Sub B35% x3
Heat ExhaustionVillage ★★★★★Main28% x3
Heat ExhaustionVillage ★★★★★Sub A28% x3
Powder BurnsCity ★★★Main28% x3
Powder BurnsCity ★★★Sub A28% x3
Sunken TreasuresVillage ★Main18% x1
Secret of the Crystal BonesVillage ★★Main18% x1
Rhenoplos Rampage!Village ★★★Sub A18% x1
Secret of the Crystal BonesCity ★Main18% x1
Sunken TreasuresCity ★Main18% x1

Used for

Upgrading to Buster Sword3
Upgrading to Buster Blade15
Upgrading to Tarnished Great Swd22
Upgrading to Ancient Blade44
Upgrading to Elder Monument66
Upgrading to Weathered Grt Sword33
Upgrading to Epitaph Blade77
Upgrading to Hunter's Dagger3
Creating Assassin's Dagger8
Upgrading to Soldier's Dagger5
Upgrading to Tarnished Sword22
Upgrading to Eternal Strife44
Upgrading to Eternal Hate66
Upgrading to Weathered Sword33
Upgrading to Divine Exodus77
Upgrading to Iron Hammer+1
Upgrading to War Hammer5
Upgrading to War Hammer+10
Upgrading to Tarnished Hammer22
Upgrading to Breath Core Hammer44
Upgrading to Lava Core Hammer66
Upgrading to Weathered Hammer33
Upgrading to Pulsating Core77
Upgrading to Thane Lance3
Creating Knight Lance15
Upgrading to Tarnished Lance22
Upgrading to Undertaker44
Upgrading to High Undertaker66
Upgrading to Weathered Spear33
Upgrading to Skyscraper77
Creating Hunter's Helm2
Creating Hunter's Cap2
Creating Alloy Helm5
Creating Alloy Cap5
Creating Hunter's Vambraces1
Creating Hunter's Guards1
Creating Alloy Vambraces5
Creating Alloy Guards5
Creating Rhenoplos Vambraces5
Creating Rhenoplos Guards5
Creating Chainmail Vambraces+7
Creating Chainmail Guards+7
Creating Alloy Vambraces+7
Creating Alloy Guards+7
Creating Rhenoplos Vambraces+5
Creating Rhenoplos Guards+5
Creating Steel Vambraces+30
Creating Chainmail Belt1
Creating Rhenoplos Coil5
Creating Rhenoplos Coat5
Creating Ingot Coil5
Creating Ingot Coat5
Creating Chainmail Faulds+7
Creating Chainmail Coat+7
Creating Hunter's Greaves2
Creating Hunter's Leggings2
Creating Alloy Greaves10
Creating Alloy Leggings10
Creating Jaggi Greaves1
Creating Jaggi Leggings1
Creating Jaggi Greaves+10
Creating Jaggi Leggings+10
Creating Rhenoplos Greaves+5
Creating Rhenoplos Leggings+5
Creating Light Bowgun1
Creating Medium Bowgun2
Creating Light Bowgun2
Creating Medium Bowgun1