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 Rathian Coin

A gift for defeating a Rathian in the Arena. ID: 610 (0x0262)
Rarity: 5

Quest Rewards

Rathian Team TakedownVillage ArenaMain30% x1
Wyvern Team TakedownVillage ArenaMain23% x1
Grudge Match: RathianCity ArenaMain21% x1
Rathian Team TakedownVillage ArenaMain7% x2
Grudge Match: RathianCity ArenaMain7% x2
Grudge Match: The Two FlamesCity ArenaRewards??% x?

Used for

Creating Proto Razor5
Creating Pursuit Earring3
Creating Ranger's Gauntlets4
Creating Archer's Gauntlets4
Creating Guild Bard Braces3
Creating Guild Bard Sleeves3
Creating Ranger's Faulds3
Creating Archer's Bandolier3
Creating Guild Bard Coil3
Creating Guild Bard Coat3