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 Barroth Coin

A gift for defeating a Barroth in the Arena. ID: 608 (0x0260)
Rarity: 4

Quest Rewards

Barroth Team TakedownVillage ArenaMain30% x1
Grudge Match: Bird and BruteCity ArenaMain20% x1
Barroth Team TakedownVillage ArenaMain7% x2
Arena Free-for-allVillage ArenaMain12% x1
Grudge Match: Wyvern TrioCity ArenaRewards??% x?
Grudge Match: Land LordsCity ArenaRewards??% x?

Used for

Creating Kurogane5
Creating Guild Bard Lobos3
Creating Guild Bard Hat3
Creating Guild Bard Lobos+3
Creating Guild Bard Hat+3
Creating Blast Earring4
Creating Grace Earring3
Creating Guild Bard Bolero3
Creating Guild Bard Vest3
Creating Ranger's Espadrilles1
Creating Archer's Espadrilles1