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 Bird Wyvern Claw

A claw from a Jaggi or other bird wyvern. Small in size, but high in quality. ID: 566 (0x0236)
Rarity: 4


Great JaggiHigh RankBody62.7% (28% x3)
Great BaggiHigh RankBody57.8% (25% x3)

Capture Rewards

Great BaggiHigh Rank55%
Great JaggiHigh Rank35%

Quest Rewards

Leader of the IcepackCity ★★★★★Main20% x1
Jumping for JaggiCity ★★★★Main15% x1
Jumping for JaggiCity ★★★★Secondary15% x1
Jump a JaggiCity ★★★★Main15% x1

Used for

Upgrading to High Chief's Grt Swd10
Creating Jaggi Helm+8
Creating Jaggi Cap+8
Creating Baggi Vambraces+3
Creating Baggi Guards+3
Creating Jaggi Faulds+3
Creating Jaggi Coat+3
Creating Jaggi Greaves+5
Creating Jaggi Leggings+5
Creating Baggi Greaves+5
Creating Baggi Leggings+5