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 Quality Fin

Fins come in many shapes and sizes -- the right fin for the right job. ID: 561 (0x0231)
Rarity: 4

Carve from

Delex (High Rank)


Jhen MohranHigh RankMouth69.8% (45% x2)

Used for

Creating Bone Helm+2
Creating Bone Cap+2
Creating Rhenoplos Vambraces+3
Creating Rhenoplos Guards+3
Creating Piscine Belt+2
Creating Piscine Tank+2
Creating Bone Faulds+2
Creating Bone Coat+2
Creating Piscine Leggings+4
Creating Piscine Pants+4
Creating Bone Greaves+3
Creating Bone Leggings+3
Creating Rhenoplos Greaves+8
Creating Rhenoplos Leggings+8
Creating Diver Jewel1