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 Bird Wyvern Gem

A valuable gem that can be harvested from Jaggi and other bird wyverns. ID: 556 (0x022C)
Rarity: 5


Great BaggiHigh RankHead12%
Great JaggiHigh RankHead10%

Capture Rewards

Great BaggiHigh Rank5%
Great JaggiHigh Rank4%

Used for

Upgrading to High Chief's Grt Swd5
Upgrading to Morpheus Knife5
Upgrading to Great Azure5
Upgrading to Shadowbinder (G)3
Creating Baggi Helm+3
Creating Baggi Cap+3
Creating Jaggi Mail+1
Creating Jaggi Vest+1
Creating Gobul Mail+3
Creating Gobul Vest+3
Creating Ingot Coil+2
Creating Ingot Coat+2