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 Monster Broth

A broth made from only the thickest of a monster's juices. Quite rich. ID: 548 (0x0224)
Rarity: 4

Carve from

Giggi (High Rank), Altaroth (High Rank), Bnahabra (High Rank)

Quest Rewards

The Creeping VenomCity ★★★★★Sub A10% x1
The Creeping VenomCity ★★★★★Sub B10% x1
Neopteron Pest ControlCity ★★★★Main8% x1
Neopteron Pest ControlCity ★★★★Sub A8% x1
Ambush the AmbusherCity ★★★★Sub A8% x1

Used for

Upgrading to Weathered Grt Sword5
Upgrading to Plague Tabar10
Upgrading to Wagga Wagga9
Upgrading to Weathered Sword5
Upgrading to Weathered Hammer5
Upgrading to Weathered Spear5
Creating Gigginox Mail+5
Creating Gigginox Vest+5
Creating Bnahabra Faulds+3
Creating Bnahabra Coat+3
Creating Gigginox Faulds+3
Creating Gigginox Coat+3
Creating Loc Lac Boots+3
Creating Loc Lac Gaiters+3
Creating Blizzard Cannon10