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 Rhenoplos Scalp

A sturdy part of the skull that yields, shall we say, dashing results? ID: 545 (0x0221)
Rarity: 4

Carve from


Quest Rewards

Rhenoplos Rampage!Village ★★★Main12% x1
Best the Lava Beasts!Village ★★★★★Sub A12% x1
Rhenoplos Rampage!City ★★Main12% x1
Roll the UroktorCity ★★★Sub A12% x1
Avenging the Fallen HunterCity ★★★★Sub B12% x1
Roll the UroktorCity ★★★★★Sub A12% x1

Used for

Upgrading to Golem Blade3
Upgrading to Bone Bludgeon+3
Upgrading to Rhenohasta2
Creating Rhenoplos Helm2
Creating Rhenoplos Cap2
Creating Barroth Helm2
Creating Barroth Cap2
Creating Rhenoplos Helm+8
Creating Rhenoplos Cap+8
Creating Barroth Helm+6
Creating Barroth Cap+6
Creating Barroth Greaves2
Creating Barroth Leggings2
Creating CragPlus Jewel2