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 Great Baggi Claw

A claw cut from one of these large pack leaders. Mainly used in weapon crafting. ID: 541 (0x021D)
Rarity: 4


Great BaggiLow RankBody44.9% (18% x3)

Capture Rewards

Great BaggiLow Rank48%

Quest Rewards

Leader of the IcepackVillage ★★★★Main5% x1
Leader of the IcepackVillage ★★★★Sub A5% x1
The Butler's Great BaggiCity ★★Main5% x1
The Butler's Great BaggiCity ★★Sub A5% x1
The Butler's Great BaggiCity ★★Sub B5% x1
Leader of the IcepackCity ★★Main5% x1
Cold CallCity EventRewards??% x?

Used for

Upgrading to Chieftain's Grt Swd4
Upgrading to Vulcanvil (B)5
Upgrading to Hypnos Knife4
Creating Baggi Helm2
Creating Baggi Cap2
Creating Baggi Vambraces2
Creating Baggi Guards2
Creating Barioth Vambraces2
Creating Barioth Guards2
Creating Baggi Coil1
Creating Baggi Coat1
Creating Charger Jewel1