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 Firecell Stone

A magma-like deposit that only trained hands can properly work with. ID: 509 (0x01FD)
Rarity: 5

Mine using pick axes from

Area 3, 5, 8, 9, 10 in Volcano (High Rank)


AgnaktorHigh RankBody14.3% (5% x3)
AgnaktorHigh RankTail10% (10% x1)


AgnaktorHigh RankClaws12%
AgnaktorHigh RankChest10%

Capture Rewards

AgnaktorHigh Rank7%

Quest Rewards

Agnaktor AlertCity ★★★★★Main8% x1
Agnaktor AlertCity ★★★★★Sub A8% x1
Agnaktor AlertCity ★★★★★Sub B8% x1
The Molten MonstrosityCity ★★★★★Main8% x1
The Molten MonstrosityCity ★★★★★Sub A8% x1
The Molten MonstrosityCity ★★★★★Sub B8% x1
Run Down a RathalosCity ★★★★★Secondary8% x1
Roll the UroktorCity ★★★★★Secondary8% x1
Into the FireCity ★★★★★★Secondary8% x1
Hot DealCity EventsMain5% x1
Hot DealCity EventsSecondary5% x1
Roll the UroktorCity ★★★★★Sub B5% x1

Used for

Upgrading to Crimsonwall5
Upgrading to Rathalos Flamesword5
Upgrading to Deadeye Revolver8
Upgrading to Elder Babel Spr (R)5
Upgrading to Banderlance "Byakko"7
Creating Fire Tempest3
Upgrading to Dancing Hellfire5
Creating Rathalos Helm+4
Creating Rathalos Cap+4
Creating Ingot Mail+2
Creating Ingot Vest+2
Creating Diablos Mail+6
Creating Diablos Vest+6
Creating Agnaktor Mail+3
Creating Agnaktor Vest+3
Creating Ingot Vambraces+8
Creating Ingot Guards+8
Creating Rathalos Vambraces+9
Creating Rathalos Guards+9
Creating Ingot Coil+2
Creating Ingot Coat+2
Creating Aegis Jewel2