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 Lagia Sapphire

A gem only rarely plucked from a Lagiacrus. Craft with it to boost Resistances. ID: 503 (0x01F7)
Rarity: 5


LagiacrusHigh RankTail3% (3% x1)

Capture Rewards

LagiacrusHigh Rank4%

Quest Rewards

A Sea of DragonsCity ★★★★★★Main5% x1
A Sea of DragonsCity ★★★★★★Secondary5% x1
[Advanced] Lick a LagiacrusCity ★★★★★Main2% x1
[Advanced] Lick a LagiacrusCity ★★★★★Sub A2% x1
[Advanced] Lick a LagiacrusCity ★★★★★Sub B2% x1
Rotten FishCity ★★★★★Main2% x1
Rotten FishCity ★★★★★Sub A2% x1
Rotten FishCity ★★★★★Sub B2% x1
Sea PowerCity EventRewards??% x?
Lords of the Sea and SkyCity EventRewards??% x?

Used for

Upgrading to Lagia Wildfire (P)1
Upgrading to Epitaph Blade1
Upgrading to Takemikazuchi (G)1
Upgrading to Abyssal Striker2
Upgrading to Wagga Wagga1
Upgrading to Skyscraper1
Upgrading to Thunderstrike (P)2
Upgrading to Great Inceadeus2
Creating Lagiacrus Mail+2
Creating Lagiacrus Vest+2
Creating Escadora Might1
Creating Escadora Force1
Creating Dober Greaves1
Creating Dober Leggings1
Creating Thundacrus Rex1