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 Lagiacrus Scale+

A durable scale that turns myriad shades of blue in the light. In high demand. ID: 500 (0x01F4)
Rarity: 4


LagiacrusHigh RankBody61.1% (27% x3)
LagiacrusHigh RankTail29% (29% x1)


LagiacrusHigh RankHorn33%
LagiacrusHigh RankClaws28%
LagiacrusHigh RankBack22%
LagiacrusHigh RankChest18%

Quest Rewards

[Advanced] Lick a LagiacrusCity ★★★★★Main25% x1
[Advanced] Lick a LagiacrusCity ★★★★★Sub A25% x1
[Advanced] Lick a LagiacrusCity ★★★★★Sub B25% x1
Rotten FishCity ★★★★★Main25% x1
Rotten FishCity ★★★★★Sub A25% x1
Rotten FishCity ★★★★★Sub B25% x1
Sea PowerCity EventRewards??% x?
Lords of the Sea and SkyCity EventRewards??% x?

Used for

Upgrading to Lagia Bluebolt (P)7
Upgrading to Takemikazuchi (G)5
Upgrading to Inceadeus+5
Creating Lagiacrus Vambraces+10
Creating Lagiacrus Guards+10
Creating Lagiacrus Faulds+8
Creating Lagiacrus Coat+8
Creating Lagiacrus Greaves+14
Creating Lagiacrus Leggings+14
Creating Helios Greaves+20
Creating Helios Leggings+20
Creating Thundracrus Rex8