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 Gobul Spike+

One of the many spikes found on a Gobul, and one of the few parts nobody eats. ID: 495 (0x01EF)
Rarity: 4


GobulHigh RankBody44.9% (18% x3)
GobulHigh RankTail28% (28% x1)

Capture Rewards

GobulHigh Rank24%

Quest Rewards

Marine WarfareCity EventsMain24% x1
[Advanced] Grab a GobulCity ★★★★Main24% x1
Grab a GobulCity ★★★★Main24% x1
Grab a GobulCity ★★★★Sub A24% x1

Used for

Upgrading to Almighty Dahaka (P)7
Upgrading to Alluring Lotus3
Upgrading to Iron Devil3
Upgrading to Gobulu Muraaka7
Upgrading to Shadowbinder (P)5
Upgrading to Shadowbinder (G)5
Creating Gobul Helm+2
Creating Gobul Cap+2
Creating Gobul Mail+3
Creating Gobul Vest+3
Creating Gobul Vambraces+3
Creating Gobul Guards+3
Creating Dober Vambraces10
Creating Dober Guards10
Creating Ludroth Faulds+3
Creating Ludroth Coat+3
Creating Gobul Greaves+8
Creating Gobul Leggings+8
Creating Voracious Jewel3