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 Deviljho Scale

A less valuable Deviljho material -- rare enough, but few stores want to carry it. ID: 484 (0x01E4)
Rarity: 5


DeviljhoHigh RankBody86.2% (39% x4)
DeviljhoHigh RankTail62.8% (39% x2)

Quest Rewards

Into the FireCity ★★★★★★Main30% x1
Bedevil a DeviljhoCity ★★★★★★Main30% x1
Deep-six a DeviljhoCity ★★★★★★Main30% x1
World EaterCity EventRewards??% x?
Rage MatchCity EventRewards??% x?

Used for

Creating Grief Lance8
Creating Vangis Vambraces6
Creating Vangis Guards6
Creating Vangis Coil12
Creating Vangis Coat12
Creating Vangis Greaves3
Creating Vangis Leggings3
Creating Devil's Grin6
Creating Onslaught Jewel3