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 Mohran Scale+

A bright blue scale removed from the Jhen Mohran during the customary hunt. ID: 473 (0x01D9)
Rarity: 5


Jhen MohranHigh RankBody94.9% (31% x8)
Jhen MohranHigh RankMouth42.2% (24% x2)

Quest Rewards

Rumble in the Great DesertCity ★★★★Main10% x1
Rumble in the Great DesertCity ★★★★Secondary10% x1

Used for

Creating Damascus Mail2
Creating Damascus Vest2
Creating Helios Mail+5
Creating Helios Vest+5
Creating Yamato Muneate+2
Creating Mutsu Muneate+2
Creating Damascus Coil6
Creating Damascus Coat6
Creating Yamato Koshiate+6
Creating Mutsu Koshiate+6
Creating Damascus Greaves2
Creating Damascus Leggings2
Creating Yamato Gusoku+4
Creating Mutsu Gusoku+4
Creating Jhen Cannon14
Creating Cutter Jewel3