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 Azure Dragongem

The fact that you are even holding this legendary jewel means you are FINISHED. ID: 436 (0x01B4)
Rarity: 6


AlatreonHigh RankBody16.7% (3% x6)
AlatreonHigh RankTail7.8% (4% x2)

Quest Rewards

The Brilliant DarknessCity ★★★★★★Main1% x1
Where Gods Fear to TreadCity EventRewards??% x?

Used for

Upgrading to Alatreon Revolution1
Upgrading to Alatreon Star1
Upgrading to Alatreon Metamorph1
Upgrading to Alatreon Gleam1
Upgrading to Black Harvest1
Upgrading to Dark Claw "Demise"1
Creating Escadora Soul1
Creating Escadora Seele1
Creating Chaos Wing1
Creating Looter Jewel1