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 Lagiacrus Horn

The power of Lagiacrus horns has been sung of for ages. In high demand. ID: 424 (0x01A8)
Rarity: 5


LagiacrusLow RankHorn64%
LagiacrusHigh RankHorn20%

Used for

Upgrading to Lagia Lightning (Y)5
Upgrading to High Lagia Blade5
Upgrading to Lagia Sword2
Upgrading to Vortex Hammer2
Upgrading to Vortical Hammer (R)3
Upgrading to Acrus Lance1
Upgrading to Doris Spear (Y)3
Upgrading to High Acrus Lance4
Creating Bolt Axe3
Upgrading to Volt Axe (Y)3
Upgrading to Thunderclap+2
Creating Lagiacrus Helm2
Creating Lagiacrus Cap2
Creating Lagiacrus Helm+4
Creating Lagiacrus Cap+4
Creating Lagiacrus Faulds1
Creating Lagiacrus Coat1