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 Fertile Mud

Mud that Barroth roll around in. Nutrient-rich and great for farming. ID: 421 (0x01A5)
Rarity: 4


By sending a ship to the Distant Isle.

Shiny Drops

BarrothHigh Rank26%
BarrothLow Rank23%

Quest Rewards

Leading the ChargeVillage ★★★Main20% x2
Leading the ChargeVillage ★★★Sub A20% x2
Leading the ChargeCity ★★Main20% x2
Leading the ChargeCity ★★Sub A20% x2
Specimen CollectionCity ★★Main20% x2
Specimen CollectionCity ★★Sub A20% x2
Specimen CollectionCity ★★Sub B20% x2
[Advanced] Barroth BusterCity ★★★★Main15% x2
[Advanced] Barroth BusterCity ★★★★Sub A15% x2
[Advanced] Barroth BusterCity ★★★★Sub B15% x2
Avenging the Fallen HunterCity ★★★★Main15% x2

Used for

Creating Barroth Faulds5
Creating Barroth Coat5
Creating Barroth Faulds+5
Creating Barroth Coat+5
Creating Barroth Greaves5
Creating Barroth Leggings5
Creating Barroth Greaves+8
Creating Barroth Leggings+8