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 King's Frill

Proof of who's boss among Jaggi -- and now proof you are on your way as a hunter. ID: 420 (0x01A4)
Rarity: 4


Great JaggiHigh RankHead70%
Great JaggiLow RankHead35%

Quest Rewards

Jump Four JaggiCity EventsMain12% x1
Hunter KillerVillage ★★★★Main10% x1

Used for

Upgrading to Hydra Knife3
Upgrading to Ludroth Bone Maul2
Creating Rhenoplos Helm1
Creating Rhenoplos Cap1
Creating Jaggi Helm+3
Creating Jaggi Cap+3
Creating Rhenoplos Helm+3
Creating Rhenoplos Cap+3
Creating Jaggi Mail1
Creating Jaggi Vest1
Creating Jaggi Mail+3
Creating Jaggi Vest+3
Creating Rhenoplos Vambraces1
Creating Rhenoplos Guards1
Creating Jaggid Fire1