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 Waterblock Seed

Eat this to cure Waterblight and temporarily increase Water Resistance. ID: 392 (0x0188)
Rarity: 2


By trading with the Trading Post Lady in Loc Lac City.

Gather from

Area 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 in Flooded Forest

Dropped (Shiny) by

Altaroth (Green sac drop)

Quest Rewards

Grab a GobulCity ★★★★Secondary24% x2
A Ludroth Lickin'City ★★★★Secondary24% x2
Neopteron Pest ControlCity ★★★★Secondary24% x2
Harvest Tour: Flooded ForestCity ★★★★★Secondary24% x2
Bedevil a DeviljhoCity ★★★★★★Secondary24% x2
Save Our BoatVillage ★★★Secondary18% x1
The Deadliest CatchVillage ★★★Secondary18% x1
Pest ControlVillage ★★★Secondary18% x1
Harvest Tour: Flooded ForestVillage ★★★★Secondary18% x1
The Fisherman's TaleCity ★Secondary18% x1
No Love for LudrothCity ★Secondary18% x1
Goldenfish OpportunityCity ★Secondary18% x1
The Merchant's MissionCity ★★Secondary18% x1
Lady and the GobulCity ★★Secondary18% x1
Scene of the CrimeCity ★★Secondary18% x1
Flooded Forest ExterminationCity ★★Secondary18% x1
Harvest Tour: Flooded ForestCity ★★★Secondary18% x1

Used for

Creating Piscine Mask2
Creating Piscine Leggings+10
Creating Piscine Pants+10
Creating Torrent Jewel10