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 Firedouse Berry

Eat this to cure Fireblight and temporarily increase Fire Resistance. ID: 391 (0x0187)
Rarity: 2


By trading with the Trading Post Lady in Loc Lac City.

Gather from

Area 1, 8 in Sandy Plains
Area 6 in Volcano

Carve from

Kelbi (Stun)

Quest Rewards

Sunken TreasuresVillage ★Secondary10% x2
Guts: It's What's for DinnerVillage ★Secondary10% x2
Farm AidVillage ★Secondary10% x2
Goldenfish OpportunityVillage ★Secondary10% x2
Goldenfish OpportunityVillage ★Sub A10% x2
Prescription Pick-upVillage ★Secondary10% x2
Harvest 'ShroomVillage ★Secondary10% x2
No Love for LudrothVillage ★★Secondary10% x2
Bug HuntVillage ★★Secondary10% x2
Shakalaka Savior!Village ★★★Secondary10% x2
A Royal PainVillage ★★★Secondary10% x2
Trapping a TricksterVillage ★★★Secondary10% x2
Poached Wyvern EggsVillage ★★★★Secondary10% x2
Dragon LadyVillage ★★★★Secondary10% x2
Trial of the Sea DragonVillage ★★★★★Secondary10% x2
The Fisherman's TaleCity ★Secondary10% x2
Playing with FireCity ★Secondary10% x2
The Jaggi MenaceCity ★Secondary10% x2
The Perfect PanaceaCity ★Secondary10% x2
Sunken TreasuresCity ★Secondary10% x2
Harvest 'ShroomCity ★Secondary10% x2
A Royal PainCity ★★Secondary10% x2
Wyvern ConservationCity ★★Secondary10% x2
Bug HuntCity ★★Secondary10% x2
Harvest Tour: Deserted IsleCity ★★Secondary10% x2
Prescription Pick-upVillage ★Main15% x1
Prescription Pick-upVillage ★Sub A15% x1
The Perfect PanaceaCity ★Main15% x1
The Perfect PanaceaCity ★Sub A15% x1
Hunter KillerVillage ★★★★Secondary12% x1

Used for

Creating Crimson Jewel10