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 Wyvern Claw

Used in Bowgun bullet points. Gunpowder triggers a blast with a wide radius. ID: 359 (0x0167)
Rarity: 3


By purchasing from Pint-sized Peddler or trading with the Trading Post Lady in Loc Lac City, or by trading with the Argosy Captain.


Combine with Bone Husk S to make Clust S Lv2
Combine with Lifecrystals to make Lifepowder


LagiacrusLow RankClaws25%
RathalosHigh RankWings22%
RathalosLow RankWings22%
RathianLow RankWings22%
RathianHigh RankWings22%
LagiacrusHigh RankClaws15%

Quest Rewards

A Burnt OfferingVillage ★★★★★★Main8% x10
Mating SeasonVillage ★★★★★★Main8% x10
The Death of Sky and SeaVillage ★★★★★★Main7% x10
White Wind of the TundraVillage ★★★★★★Main8% x8
[Advanced] Grab a GobulCity ★★★★Secondary7% x8
[Advanced] Barroth BusterCity ★★★★Secondary7% x8
Ambush the AmbusherCity ★★★★Secondary7% x8
The Molten MonstrosityCity ★★★★★Secondary7% x8
The Thrill of the HuntCity ★★★★★Secondary7% x8
The Lost ExpeditionCity ★★★★★Secondary7% x8
The Creeping VenomCity ★★★★★Secondary7% x8
The Creeping VenomVillage ★★★★Secondary10% x5
Uragaan's TrailVillage ★★★★★Sub B10% x5
The OmenVillage ★★★★★Secondary10% x5
The Horned DragonVillage ★★★★★Sub B10% x5
A Bard's TaleVillage ★★★★★Sub B10% x5
The Lord of the SeasVillage ★★★★★Secondary10% x5
Four HornsVillage ★★★★★★Main5% x10
The Lost ExpeditionCity ★★★Secondary10% x5
Dangerous WatersVillage ★★★★★★Main6% x4

Used for

Upgrading to Wyvern Jawblade50
Creating Rathian Greaves10
Creating Rathian Leggings10