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 Bone Husk L

A large flying wyvern's vertebra. As ammo casing, it can withstand heavy blasts. ID: 343 (0x0157)
Rarity: 3


By trading with the Trading Post Lady in Loc Lac City.

Gather from

Area 5 in Tundra


Combine with Bomb Arowana to make Crag S Lv3
Combine with Scatterfish to make Clust S Lv3
Combine with Dragonfell Berry to make Dragon S
Combine with Might Seed to make Demon S I
Combine with Adamant Seed to make Armor S I
Combine with Burst Arowana to make WyvernFire Lv3

Quest Rewards

The Volcano's FuryVillage ★★★★★Secondary25% x16
The Horned DragonVillage ★★★★★Secondary25% x16
A Burnt OfferingVillage ★★★★★★Secondary25% x16
The Death of Sky and SeaVillage ★★★★★★Secondary25% x16
White Wind of the TundraVillage ★★★★★★Secondary25% x16
Dangerous WatersVillage ★★★★★★Secondary25% x16
Four HornsVillage ★★★★★★Secondary25% x16
Mating SeasonVillage ★★★★★★Secondary25% x16
[Advanced] Rathalos AlertCity ★★★Secondary25% x16
[Advanced] Fort GigginoxCity ★★★Secondary25% x16
The Volcano's FuryCity ★★★Secondary25% x16
Into the Danger ZoneCity ★★★Secondary25% x16
Fine Kettle of FishCity ★★★★Main25% x16
Fine Kettle of FishCity ★★★★Sub A25% x16
Uragaan's TrailVillage ★★★★★Main24% x15
Uragaan's TrailVillage ★★★★★Sub A24% x15
The Volcano's FuryVillage ★★★★★Main24% x15
The Volcano's FuryVillage ★★★★★Sub A24% x15
To Catch an UragaanCity ★★★Main24% x15
To Catch an UragaanCity ★★★Sub A24% x15
To Catch an UragaanCity ★★★Sub B24% x15
The Volcano's FuryCity ★★★Main24% x15
The Volcano's FuryCity ★★★Sub A24% x15
The Volcano's FuryCity ★★★Sub B24% x15
[Advanced] Fearsome TwosomeCity ★★★★Secondary18% x15
Avenging the Fallen HunterCity ★★★★Secondary18% x15
Playing with FireCity ★★★★Secondary18% x15
[Advanced] Grab a GobulCity ★★★★Secondary10% x20
[Advanced] Barroth BusterCity ★★★★Secondary10% x20
Ambush the AmbusherCity ★★★★Secondary10% x20
The Molten MonstrosityCity ★★★★★Secondary10% x20
The Thrill of the HuntCity ★★★★★Secondary10% x20
The Lost ExpeditionCity ★★★★★Secondary10% x20
The Creeping VenomCity ★★★★★Secondary10% x20
Secret of the Crystal BonesVillage ★★Secondary18% x8
Leading the ChargeVillage ★★★Secondary18% x8
Playing with FireVillage ★★★Sub A18% x8
Accident InvestigationVillage ★★★★Secondary18% x8
The Creeping VenomVillage ★★★★Secondary12% x12
Uragaan's TrailVillage ★★★★★Sub B12% x12
The OmenVillage ★★★★★Secondary12% x12
The Horned DragonVillage ★★★★★Sub B12% x12
A Bard's TaleVillage ★★★★★Sub B12% x12
The Lord of the SeasVillage ★★★★★Secondary12% x12
Secret of the Crystal BonesCity ★Secondary18% x8
The Lost ExpeditionCity ★★★Secondary12% x12
Marine WarfareCity EventsSecondary14% x10
Into the Danger ZoneCity ★★★★★Secondary14% x10

Used for

Creating Bone Faulds+5
Creating Bone Coat+5