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 Gobul Spike

One of the many barbs found on a Gobul, and one of the few parts nobody eats. ID: 323 (0x0143)
Rarity: 4


By sending a ship to the Distant Isle.


GobulLow RankBody61.1% (27% x3)
GobulHigh RankWhisker56.1% (24% x3)
GobulLow RankWhisker56.1% (24% x3)
GobulLow RankTail44% (44% x1)
GobulHigh RankTail22% (22% x1)
GobulHigh RankBody14.3% (5% x3)

Capture Rewards

GobulLow Rank27%

Quest Rewards

Accident InvestigationVillage ★★★★Main24% x1
Accident InvestigationVillage ★★★★Sub A24% x1
Accident InvestigationVillage ★★★★Sub B24% x1
Lady and the GobulCity ★★Main24% x1
Lady and the GobulCity ★★Sub A24% x1
Lady and the GobulCity ★★Sub B24% x1
Scene of the CrimeCity ★★Main24% x1
Scene of the CrimeCity ★★Sub A24% x1
Dangerous WatersVillage ★★★★★★Main21% x1
Gobuled Everything in Sight!City EventRewards??% x?

Used for

Upgrading to Azi Dahaka2
Upgrading to Numbingbird1
Upgrading to Gobulu Muruka2
Creating Ananta Boneblade3
Creating Gobul Mail2
Creating Gobul Vest2
Creating Gobul Vambraces2
Creating Gobul Guards2
Creating Gobul Vambraces+4
Creating Gobul Guards+4
Creating Dober Vambraces15
Creating Dober Guards15
Creating Gobul Faulds2
Creating Gobul Coat2
Creating Gobul Greaves2
Creating Gobul Leggings2
Creating Steadfast Jewel+1