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 Immature Sponge

Young spongy material. Sought after for daily use more than for equipment. ID: 322 (0x0142)
Rarity: 4


By sending a ship to the Nearby Island.

Carve from


Quest Rewards

No Love for LudrothVillage ★★Main30% x1
Shakalaka Savior!Village ★★★Sub A30% x1
Save Our BoatVillage ★★★Sub B30% x1
The Deadliest CatchVillage ★★★Main30% x1
No Love for LudrothCity ★Main30% x1
The Fisherman's TaleCity ★Sub A30% x1
A Ludroth Lickin'City ★★★★Main14% x2

Used for

Upgrading to Ludroth Bone Sword4
Creating Ludroth's Nail4
Upgrading to Ludroth's Nail2
Upgrading to Ludroth Bone Mace2
Creating Ludroth Bone Maul10
Upgrading to Ludroth Bone Maul5
Upgrading to Ludroth Bone Spear2
Creating Ludroth Helm3
Creating Ludroth Cap3
Creating Ludroth Helm+12
Creating Ludroth Cap+12
Creating Ludroth Vambraces3
Creating Ludroth Guards3
Creating Piscine Belt+3
Creating Piscine Tank+3
Creating Ludroth Greaves5
Creating Ludroth Leggings5
Creating Ludroth Greaves+5
Creating Ludroth Leggings+5
Creating Royal Launcher3
Creating Upstream Jewel1