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 Lagiacrus Tail

Not only do these serve for weaponcraft, they also wind up on Moga dinner plates. ID: 314 (0x013A)
Rarity: 4


LagiacrusLow RankTail63% (63% x1)
LagiacrusHigh RankTail58% (58% x1)

Used for

Upgrading to Lagiacrus Blade2
Upgrading to Storm Sword (Y)3
Upgrading to Doris Spear (R)3
Upgrading to High Acrus Lance4
Upgrading to Spiral Lance+3
Upgrading to Bolt Axe2
Upgrading to High Bolt Axe3
Creating Lagiacrus Faulds+5
Creating Lagiacrus Coat+5
Creating Thundacrus1
Creating Thundracrus Rex6