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 Lagiacrus Scale

A supple scale that turns myriad shades of blue in the light. In high demand. ID: 311 (0x0137)
Rarity: 4


By sending a ship to the No-Man's Land.


LagiacrusLow RankBody64.2% (29% x3)
LagiacrusLow RankTail33% (33% x1)


LagiacrusLow RankBack35%
LagiacrusLow RankHorn33%
LagiacrusLow RankClaws32%
LagiacrusLow RankChest30%

Shiny Drops

LagiacrusHigh Rank33%
LagiacrusLow Rank24%

Quest Rewards

Fell the Lagiacrus!Village ★★★★★Main32% x1
Fell the Lagiacrus!Village ★★★★★Sub A32% x1
The Lord of the SeasVillage ★★★★★Main32% x1
The Lord of the SeasVillage ★★★★★Sub A32% x1
The Lord of the SeasVillage ★★★★★Sub B32% x1
The Fisherman's FiendCity ★★★Main32% x1
The Fisherman's FiendCity ★★★Sub A32% x1
The Fisherman's FiendCity ★★★Sub B32% x1
Rotten FishCity ★★★Main32% x1
Rotten FishCity ★★★Sub A32% x1
Rotten FishCity ★★★Sub B32% x1
Fell the Lagiacrus!Village ★★★★★Secondary28% x1
Trial of the Sea DragonVillage ★★★★★Main28% x1

Used for

Upgrading to Lagiacrus Blade4
Upgrading to Lagia Sword5
Upgrading to Acrus Lance7
Upgrading to Volt Axe (R)7
Creating Lagiacrus Helm3
Creating Lagiacrus Cap3
Creating Lagiacrus Helm+8
Creating Lagiacrus Cap+8
Creating Lagiacrus Mail4
Creating Lagiacrus Vest4
Creating Lagiacrus Vambraces4
Creating Lagiacrus Guards4
Creating Lagiacrus Faulds4
Creating Lagiacrus Coat4
Creating Lagiacrus Greaves2
Creating Lagiacrus Leggings2
Creating Thundacrus4