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 Great Jaggi Hide

Worth more than a regular Jaggi Hide. It can be made into any number of things. ID: 308 (0x0134)
Rarity: 4


By trading with the Trading Post Lady in Loc Lac City.


Great JaggiLow RankBody81.5% (43% x3)
Great JaggiHigh RankBody48.8% (20% x3)

Capture Rewards

Great JaggiLow Rank36%
Great JaggiHigh Rank17%

Quest Rewards

Jumping for JaggiCity ★★★★Main28% x1
Jumping for JaggiCity ★★★★Secondary28% x1
Jump a JaggiCity ★★★★Main28% x1
Who's the Boss?Village ★★Main26% x1
Big Game HuntingVillage ★★Main26% x1
Big Game HuntingVillage ★★Sub A26% x1
Jaggi Population ControlCity ★Main26% x1
Help the "Hunter"City ★Main26% x1
Help the "Hunter"City ★Sub A26% x1
Help the "Hunter"City ★Sub B26% x1
Jump Four JaggiCity EventsMain12% x1

Used for

Creating Rugged Great Sword3
Upgrading to Chieftain's Grt Swd5
Upgrading to Commander's Dagger3
Creating Jaggi Mask20
Creating Jaggi Mail2
Creating Jaggi Vest2
Creating Jaggi Faulds2
Creating Jaggi Coat2
Creating Rhenoplos Coil2
Creating Rhenoplos Coat2
Creating Rhenoplos Coil+3
Creating Rhenoplos Coat+3
Creating Jaggi Greaves1
Creating Jaggi Leggings1
Creating Jaggid Fire2
Creating Metabolism Jewel1