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 Jaggi Scale

A scale carved from a Jaggi. Not very valuable, but beginners can't be choosers. ID: 306 (0x0132)
Rarity: 4

Carve from

Jaggi, Jaggia


Great JaggiLow RankBody22.1% (8% x3)

Shiny Drops

Great JaggiLow Rank42%

Quest Rewards

Jumping for JaggiCity ★★★★Main8% x3
Jumping for JaggiCity ★★★★Secondary8% x3
Jump a JaggiCity ★★★★Main8% x3
Farm AidVillage ★Main9% x2
Farm AidVillage ★Sub A9% x2
Who's the Boss?Village ★★Sub A9% x2
Who's the Boss?Village ★★Sub B9% x2
Shakalaka Savior!Village ★★★Main9% x2
Shakalaka Savior!Village ★★★Sub B9% x2
Herbivore Egg Hunt!Village ★★★Sub B9% x2
Jaggi Population ControlCity ★Sub A9% x2
Jaggi Population ControlCity ★Sub B9% x2
Help the "Hunter"City ★Secondary9% x2
The Jaggi MenaceCity ★Main9% x2
The Jaggi MenaceCity ★Sub A9% x2
Poached Herbivore EggsCity ★★Sub B9% x2
Wyvern ConservationCity ★★Sub B9% x2
Farm AidVillage ★Main16% x1
Farm AidVillage ★Sub A16% x1
Who's the Boss?Village ★★Sub A16% x1
Who's the Boss?Village ★★Sub B16% x1
Shakalaka Savior!Village ★★★Main16% x1
Shakalaka Savior!Village ★★★Sub B16% x1
Herbivore Egg Hunt!Village ★★★Sub B16% x1
Jaggi Population ControlCity ★Sub A16% x1
Jaggi Population ControlCity ★Sub B16% x1
Help the "Hunter"City ★Secondary16% x1
The Jaggi MenaceCity ★Main16% x1
The Jaggi MenaceCity ★Sub A16% x1
Poached Herbivore EggsCity ★★Sub B16% x1
Wyvern ConservationCity ★★Sub B16% x1
[Advanced] The Jaggia MenaceCity ★★★★Main8% x2
[Advanced] The Jaggia MenaceCity ★★★★Sub A8% x2
Playing with FireCity ★★★★Sub A8% x2
Jump a JaggiCity ★★★★Sub A8% x2
Jump a JaggiCity ★★★★Sub B8% x2
[Advanced] The Jaggia MenaceCity ★★★★Main15% x1
[Advanced] The Jaggia MenaceCity ★★★★Sub A15% x1
Playing with FireCity ★★★★Sub A15% x1
Jump a JaggiCity ★★★★Sub A15% x1
Jump a JaggiCity ★★★★Sub B15% x1
Jump Four JaggiCity EventsMain10% x1
Who's the Boss?Village ★★Main8% x1
Big Game HuntingVillage ★★Main8% x1
Big Game HuntingVillage ★★Sub A8% x1
Jaggi Population ControlCity ★Main8% x1
Help the "Hunter"City ★Main8% x1
Help the "Hunter"City ★Sub A8% x1
Help the "Hunter"City ★Sub B8% x1

Used for

Upgrading to Soldier's Dagger3
Creating Hunter's Mail2
Creating Hunter's Vest2
Creating Hunter's Mail+5
Creating Hunter's Vest+5
Creating Hunter's Vambraces2
Creating Hunter's Guards2
Creating Jaggi Vambraces4
Creating Jaggi Guards4
Creating Loc Lac Kilt5
Creating Jaggi Faulds3
Creating Jaggi Coat3
Creating Jaggi Faulds+8
Creating Jaggi Coat+8
Creating Hunter's Greaves+5
Creating Hunter's Leggings+5
Creating Jaggid Fire4
Creating Attack Jewel3